Tables and Stretchers

General Overview

GMM offers a range of patient support units to fit the needs of radiologists in a variety of clinical situations, while ensuring patient comfort and safety.
Fixed and adjustable height tables for dedicated radiological units, with 4-way floating tabletops that facilitate the operator in assisting the patient. Tables for C-arm systems and stretchers that provide a comfortable and safe support to patients in surgical and emergency situations.

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Examination table with adjustable height and 4 directions floating tabletop ensuring easy and fast patient positioning and maximum patient comfort. 


Fixed height examination table with 4 directions floating tabletop providing reliability and optimized cost-performance ratio. 


Mobile radiographic tables coupled with C-arm systems, ensuring patient comfort and safety during surgical procedures. Two models available:

  • CT160F : 4-way floating and adjustable-height table
  • CT160T: 4-way floating, adjustable-height and tilting table


Wide range of radio-transparent stretchers, available also with mobile tabletop and motorized height adjustment. High manoeuvrability and compact design, essential for emergency situations.